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Efficenter.com – The core functionality of the Efficenter resource information system has been upgraded, as was announced by Adams Keegan, an integrated HR and benefits management company that specializes in providing onboarding, payroll, benefits management, and benefits administration services to the hospitality and hospitality industry. (HRIS) human resources information system based on the web.

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Efficenter.com – Website Informer – Wi. Efficient Login Screen

Over the course of the previous year, a substantial amount of work has been done internally to enhance both the functionality of the platform and the user experience in order to make it more user-friendly.

Jay Keegan, President and CEO of Adams Keegan, said that the company’s objective is to “provide everything we can to ensure that our customers and employees receive the most effective service possible.” Efficient “Our goal at Adams Keegan is to provide everything we can to ensure that our customers and employees receive the most effective service possible

“Our clients have always remarked that Efficenter is very functional and simple to use. Through this redesign, we want to enhance the overall user experience while also introducing crucial features that are specialized to various industries in order to better accommodate the ever-evolving requirements of our client’s businesses.

Our objective is to increase your ability to concentrate on your core business with the introduction of Efficenter to more clients within a short period of time. Additionally, our goal is to eliminate any needless administrative load that might interfere with your ability to focus on your core company.

“As a user of Efficenter for the past few years,” stated the human resources manager of a US hotel operator, “I’ve enjoyed the ease of navigating the system for our human resources department, our managers, and our employees.” It is quite convenient to be able to handle integration, employee data, payroll, time tracking, benefits, and leave/vacation PTO all inside the same system.

Because the Efficenter and the Adams Keegan support staff are constantly accessible to provide assistance, we are able to provide effective support for more than 20 hotel locations.

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How Do I Become a Member of the Adams Keegan Efficenter?

You will need to take these procedures in order to register with the Adams Kegan Efficenter:

  • Simply follow this link to be sent to the Efficenter website: www.adamskeegan.com.
  • The homepage of the Adams Keegan Efficenter will load up on your screen if you either click the link up above or input the URL directly into your browser.
  • To log in as a customer, go to the homepage of the website and choose the Customer Login option from the menu that’s located in the top right corner of the page. After clicking on the link, the website will take you to the page where you may enter your login information for the website.
  • On the screen where users may log in to the website, click the Register link.

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Sign up for the Efficient

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In order to complete the registration process, you are required to input your social security number as shown on the page. To continue, choose “Next.” After choosing the Next button, proceed with the procedures that remain. The following is a guide to the Adams Keegan login that will walk you through the steps you need to do to set up your account:

In order to log in to your portal, you will need to visit the website for the Adams Keegan Efficenter. To access the website, please click on the following link: adamskeegan.com. When you click or input the URL in the aforementioned location in your internet browser, the website will transport you to its homepage. To log in as a client, go to the homepage of the Efficenter website and select the Client Login option.

When you launch the Efficenter Employee Login Portal, you may access it by selecting Client Login from the menu. The Efficenter login portal form requires that you input both your username and password. You may save yourself from having to retype your login information at a later time by selecting the checkbox that is located next to the phrase “Remember my username” while you are logging in.

The “Login” button is the last step, so be sure you click it.

Which Items Should You Have in Order to Continue With the Efficenter Login?

When you log in to your account at the Efficenter Adams Keegan Login Portal, there are a few things you are required to perform. Here is a list of those items:

  • We would be very grateful if you could provide us with the username and password you use to access the Efficenter. This will allow us to guarantee that Efficenter Employees are able to successfully log in.
  • You are able to connect with any electronic device, including mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, iPads, and tablets. The next step in the Adams Keegan Efficenter Login procedure requires you to go online to the website (www.adamskeegan.com).
  • The browser may be any of the following applications or programs: Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and so on are all examples. If you could have a reliable internet connection, that would be ideal. Change Both Your Username And Password For The Efficient Login. Efficenter.com
  • Accessing your Adams Keegan Efficenter account will need both your login and password, so be sure to write them down. Efficient staff login passwords are notoriously difficult to remember for a lot of folks. If you follow the instructions below, you will be able to reset both your password and your username:
  • Please go to the homepage for Efficenter at www.adamskeegan.com. To log in as a client, from the homepage of the website, choose the Client Login menu option located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • When you click the Client Login button, the page where Efficenter employees may log in is brought up. On the page where you log in to the site, there is a link labeled “Forgot your password?” that you may use if you can’t remember it.
  • The new email password page will load after you click the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen.


Resetting Your Efficenter Password

In order to access your account, we need your username, the last four digits of your social security number, and your email address.

  • The next step is to choose “Email.”
  • When you click the option labeled “email,” you will be sent a link to your email address with instructions on how to reset your password.
  • You may easily change the password for your Efficenter account by going to the URL that was sent to your email address.
  • If you wish to change your username, go to www.adamskeegan.com/efficenter/recover/emailPassword.cfm in your web browser and either click the link or put it in manually.
  • In the stage before this one, there is a link that, when clicked on or typed in, will bring up the question “Forgot your username?” You may find the link to “forgot username” on the email form. Simply follow the link below to get your username reset.
  • The number assigned to you by the Social Security Administration.
  • Simply clicking the Next button will take you to the next stage in the process of resetting your username for the Adams Keegan Login.

Advantages Of Utilizing The Efficenter Employee Portal

  • Incorporation of

When dealing with complex systems, it is common for various departments to be involved in the resolution process. You can have complete control over time and resources if you use paper-based systems and procedures that are difficult to navigate. We are able to get a deeper understanding of our client’s culture with the assistance of our customers. Our specialists are able to evaluate which techniques are successful and which ones have room for improvement.

  • Purity of form

When Efficenter was developing its software, it took its workers into consideration. Adams Keegan is of the opinion that even a first-time user of Efficenter ought to be capable of navigating the system in a rapid and straightforward manner, without relying on manuals or contacting technical support.

  • Assurance of safety

We place the utmost priority on ensuring the well-being of both our consumers and our staff. The paper-based method of staff administration is inferior to Efficenter in terms of both protection and accuracy. Employees have more control over data access and use by using the self-service feature of the Efficenter, which is made possible by leveraging the security provided by the Efficenter.


Center for Supporting Customers of Adams Keegan

The customer support tools offered by the Adams Keegan Employee Portal are available to both employers and workers. You may contact customer care at the following number: 800.621.1308 if you have any queries or concerns about the portal. Facilities for providing customer care via the Efficient Employee Portal are accessible around the clock, seven days a week.

Concerning the Adams Keegan Efficenter Portal, the professionals of the Customer Service Center will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have and work to find a solution for any problems you may have. You may also communicate with them via the website of the Adams Keegan Efficenter, which can be accessed by going online. Use the website’s “Contact” section to get in touch with the company.

If you choose “Contact” from the menu, you will be presented with a contact form. This form requires that you provide your email address, your name, the topic (in which you should provide the name of your inquiry or complaint), and the body of the message (in which you should provide specific information on your inquiry or complaint). When you are finished, click the Submit button, and a message will be sent to the customer care staff for the Adams Keegan Portal.

  • About Efficient

Efficient is not “software as a service,” but rather it is a user-friendly technology platform that collaborates closely with the HR professionals that Adams Keegan has on hand in order to provide assistance for workers and assure compliance. It enables standalone and legacy systems to interact, integrating general ledger, point of sale, application tracking, and any other internal or external system in a smooth manner.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Adams Keegan is recognized as one of the most successful integrated service providers in the United States. The company’s services include human resources, payroll, onboarding, performance management, and benefits administration.

In order to provide cutting-edge solutions for managing human capital, the organization collaborates with chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and HR managers. Clients in the hotel, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing sectors are among those that Adams Keegan supports.

Employee counts range from less than 50 to more than 5,000. Head Office of the Efficenter Adams and KeeganMany administrative activities may be eliminated with fully adjustable automation, which frees up staff and managers from having to do manual, paper-based processes.

Features such as payroll and time monitoring, reporting, human resource management, and benefits administration are quite popular. Regardless of the specifics, it is built with the intention of providing all users with benefits in the form of the following four fundamental characteristics: integration, simplicity, security, and dependability.

  • The final word

The Human Resource Management software used by Adams Keegan is called Efficenter. It is effective for a wide range of HR duties, including applicant monitoring, employee background checks, payroll, time tracking, benefits administration, HR management settings, and many more.

The Adams Keegan Portal is an online resource that allows workers of the company to register and log in. It provides a number that is free to contact for any assistance with customer service that you may need. Paper-based staff administration is replaced with a system that provides increased accuracy and security while eliminating a significant number of administrative activities.

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